Guyana Sport – what have we achieved ?

Activity: Lecture
Host: Moray House Trust
Date: Monday 10th April 2017

Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira

Moray House Trust was delighted to host a talk by well-known sports commentator ‘Reds’ Perreira in April 2017.

Video Clips
1: Sports Tourism in Guyana: Reds Perreira discusses the idea of promoting sports tourism to Guyana.
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2: Cricket in the 1950s: Reds talks a bit about the multiple cricket competitions in the 1950s, the vendors called ‘Base’ and ‘Barbadian Joe’ and a heckler called ‘Bowtie’. He also effortlessly recalls an over from a cricket match in 1953.
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3:Football in the 1950s
Reds Perreira looks at football clubs in the 1950s and recalls clubs like St. Barnabas and Victoria, players like Lewis ‘Water Boat’ Weithers and Man-Man Da Silva.
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4: Boxing in the midC20
Reds Perreira shares fond memories of Albouystown YMCA and a bustling boxing scene in the mid-twentieth century in Guyana.
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5: Horse-racing in Guyana
Horse-racing at Demerara Turf Club with Lloyd Luckhoo commentating. Another few anecdotes from Reds Perreira.
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