Moray House Trust Christmas Concert

Activity: Concert
Host: Moray House Trust
Date: 15th December 2017

Moray House Trust hosted its annual Christmas Concert organised by Russel Lancaster. These concerts are a special part of our annual programme. Each year sees a slightly different blend of voices, of music. There are always a few original compositions and some long-established favourites. There is an opportunity to listen and a chance to sing together. This is how communities work. These concerts are a tribute to much that is good about Guyana, our array of talent, our enthusiasm, our joie de vivre.

Jennifer Thomas and Leon Cummings treated the audience to another skit capturing the zeitgeist, Esmerelda me Darling. Nicasey Gordon-Abrams performed one of her own compositions, His Story. Akeem Adams (violin) and Alana Ward (guitar) offered a Christmas Medley. Mark Luke-Edwards recited another of his compositions, Look at You and the Korokwa Singers weighed in with their usual array of local seasonal songs including Uncle Benjie and Christmas Invasion.

1: Esmerelda me Darling:
A light-hearted Christmas skit performed by Jennifer Thomas and Leon Cummings.
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2: Christmas Medley (Instrumental)
Young violinist Akeem Adams accompanied by Alana Ward on the guitar.
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3: Look at You
A contemplative Christmas poem written and performed by Mark Luke-Edwards.
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