The Comfort of All Things

The Comfort of All Things Book Cover

Author: Ian Mc Donald
Details: This is Ian Mc Donald’s fifth collection of poems, written over the past four years. The collection contains poems that are ‘beguilingly simple and conceal their craft’ according to the introduction by Brendan de Caires. This collection is also the inaugural publication of Moray House Trust.
Date of publication: March 2012
Cost: G$1,000 or US$5.00

Dr. Ian Mc Donald at the launch of ‘The Comfort of All Things.’





An issue of Kyk-over-al

Editors: Ian Mc Donald / AJ Seymour
Details: A large assortment of back issues of Kyk-over-al are available for purchase. Kyk-over-al is a Guyanese literary magazine first published in 1945 and intermittently since then. The magazine has traditionally taken Guyanese poetry and literature as its main focus. Highlights include an issue in June 2000 dedicated to Martin Carter.
Cost: varies depending on the edition from G$1000 to G$ 2000. Please see below.

Kyk-over-al 38

Kyk38cutIncludes Gordon Rohlehr’s Address at The Guyana Prize and Wilson Harris’ comments. Also poetry from Michael Gilkes and Pam Mordecai and written pieces by Ras Michael and Rooplal Monar.
Kyk #38 – G$1,000 or US$5.00

Kyk-over-al 39

Kyk39cutRupert Roopnarine reflects on the art of Stanley Greaves. Sr. Noel Menezes describes the role of music in Portuguese life in the colonial era and there are poems by Cecil Gray, Mark Mc Watt and Vibart Ian Duncan.
Kyk #39 – G$1,000 or US$5.00

Kyk-over-al 40

Kyk40cutThis edition includes five drawings by Stephanie Correia and interviews with Martin Carter and Edward Kamau Braithwaite.

Kyk #40 – G$1,000  or US$5.00

Kyk-over-al 41

Kyk41cutA historic joint issue with BIM dedicated to A.J Seymour and Frank Collymore. It includes Rex Nettleford’s Guyana Prize address and a tribute to Aubrey Williams by Stanley Greaves.

Bim & Kyk #41 – G$2,000 or US$10.00

Kyk-over-al 42

Kyk42cutFiction from Paul Keens-Douglas and Cyril Dabydeen and a host of tributes to Aubrey Williams feature in this edition.

Kyk #42 – G$1,000  or US$5.00

Kyk-over-al 48

Kyk 48[2] This edition, published in 1998, includes tributes to
Dr Richard Allsopp who produced the ‘Dictionary of
Caribbean English Usage’ in 1996.

Kyk #48 – G$1,500 or US$7.50

Kyk-over-al 49-50

KykMartin1 A bumper edition of over 400 pages
dedicated to Martin Carter. Nigel Westmaas
chose a selection of Carter’s writing. Many of
his friends and contemporaries contributed a few
pages of memories and thoughts about him.

Kyk #49/50 – G$2,000 or US$10.00




Growing up in British Guiana 1945-1964

Joe Singh’s ‘Growing up in Guyana’

Author: Joseph G. Singh
Date of Publication: December 2011
Details: This is an account of the first two decades of the author’s life on Ogle Estate and Canal No. 1. A social history, this work is peppered with vignettes of real people and imbued with a ‘powerful sense of community’ according to Dr. Rupert Roopnarine who has written the introduction.
Cost: G$1,500 or US$7.50

Major General (retd) Joseph Singh at the launch of ‘Growing Up in British Guiana’